Nonprofit Alliance of the NSV

Since 2014 a group of volunteer nonprofit leaders has been working together to provide opportunities to learn from each other and respected professionals in the field.  Through membership meetings and an annual Nonprofit Governance Symposium, the Nonprofit Alliance of the Northern Shenandoah Valley has brought valuable educational and networking events to the region.

In 2018 the Nonprofit Alliance began a strategic planning process that helped to further define the group’s mission to strengthen leadership, promote visibility, and positively impact the nonprofit sector in our region.  They also entered into a formal fiscal sponsorship agreement with the Community Foundation of the Northern Shenandoah Valley, which allows them to operate as a nonprofit under the CFNSV umbrella.

The Nonprofit Alliance also partners with Shenandoah University, particularly the School of Education and Leadership, providing resources and talent including space, speakers, and research.


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Nonprofit Governance Symposium

Survival:  Navigating Changing Times

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