(attorney, estate planner, financial advisor or accountant)

Professional advisors are key stakeholders helping the Community Foundation of the Northern Shenandoah Valley make philanthropy happen. Many of our donors are referred to us by one or more of their professional advisors. One of our primary roles is to offer support and solutions that help professional advisors provide top-quality service to their clients linking those clients to effective charitable options.

We work with professional advisors and their clients, helping donors to achieve their charitable goals in such a way as to give now and/or planned giving options. For donors, we make philanthropy easy and flexible, providing personalized services and access to our knowledge of our community. This includes everything from identifying critical issues affecting our region today and high performing nonprofit organizations addressing those issues.

Much charitable giving is done at the end of the year as people begin to realize they need to lower their taxes, avoid capital gains, or make the mandatory distribution from their private foundation. Establishing a donor advised fund at the Community Foundation is an easy and efficient solution for your clients who are facing one or more of these common year-end problems.

Some advisors are reluctant to talk about charitable giving with their clients and may be concerned about appearing to make a value judgment, especially if the client has not expressed charitable intentions. However, by not broaching the subject, a significant opportunity may be lost for your clients and the community. In fact, many individuals expect their professional advisors to bring up the subject if appropriate.