Virginia Center for Literary Arts Designated Fund

Organization: Virginia Center for Literary Arts

Fund Type:  Designated, Endowed
Location of Support:
Winchester, Clarke, Frederick, Warren

The Virginia Center for Literary Arts is a nonprofit organization seeking to advance the appreciation of and passion for the written word through programs that support expression, education, and the sharing of creative works. Our mission is to advance the art and craft of the written word to build a dynamic, innovative community in the exquisite surroundings of Winchester, Virginia. Our primary goal is at once simple yet critical: to afford writers with time and space to be productive, as well as resources to help sustain them at all stages of their careers. VCLA serves as a writer’s residency, a writing retreat and workshop center, a place of learning and creativity, and a vibrant community in support of writing and the literary arts. In addition, it’s a venue for readings, author talks, and events that share and promote the appreciation of literature, cuisine and culture.

This designated fund will provide permanent operating support for VCLA.