Who Can Give


Our donors establish funds for many reasons. They may want to support a favorite charity through a designated fund, ensuring their gifts continue beyond their lifetime.

They may want to simplify their annual giving through a donor-advised fund, providing a vehicle to donate appreciated stock or other donations to charities of their choosing each year.

They may want to begin a family tradition of giving, fund a scholarship or establish a legacy fund.  CFNSV funds are an easy way for donors to fulfill their charitable goals.

Businesses & Organizations

Business and organizations with philanthropic interests may choose to partner with CFNSV to support their charitable programs, establishing a designated fund to support a specific cause or a donor-advised fund to provide flexibility in charitable giving.  Businesses and organizations may utilize existing grant systems and processes to facilitate their charitable giving, simplifying the administration and minimizing the cost of these programs.

Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations can establish an agency fund as either a permanent funding source or reserve funding.

Endowed agency funds safeguard your original investment, while building a stable funding stream for the future.

Non-endowed agency funds are flexible, as both the principal and the earnings are available for use anytime. This makes them ideal for operating or building capital reserves.

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