Funds at the Community Foundation of the Northern Shenandoah Valley support a variety of grants and scholarship programs.


The majority of grants are made directly from donor-advised funds without an application process.  Donors select grant recipients each year, and grants are usually distributed in March or April.  Additionally, agency and designated funds can elect to take a distribution from their funds during this same time period.

We currently help to administer three grant programs each year.  Learn more about these grant opportunities.

All grants and distributions must be made to qualified nonprofit organizations.  Review the guidelines for determining whether you qualify.  After receiving a grant you will want to explore the guidelines for promoting your grant.



Currently all of our scholarship funds support scholarships that are administered and awarded through other nonprofit organizations or educational institutions.  We do not currently accept scholarship applications at the Community Foundation of the Northern Shenandoah Valley.  Learn more about our scholarship funds and where you can apply.