The Community Foundation of the Northern Shenandoah Valley makes it easy for anyone to become a philanthropist.  With as little as $5000 you can create a fund that will support your favorite charitable causes.  You can also give in any amount to an existing fund or support an annual campaign or a sponsored organization through our foundation.

The Community Foundation of the Northern Shenandoah Valley offers:


Donors have a variety of charitable goals.  We help donors meet those goals by offering flexibility in your charitable giving.

Fund Types:

We offer both endowed and non-endowed funds, and a range of fund types to meet the philanthropic interests of every donor.  Learn more about the types of funds we offer.


The Community Foundation staff can assist you and your professional advisor in determining the most advantageous ways to give and the best assets to use for your financial planning needs.  Stock gifts are an increasingly popular way to make charitable contributions, and we frequently assist our donors with stock donations to their funds and to other nonprofits.

Investment Portfolios:

We offer four different investment portfolios through Mason Investment Advisory Services.  You can select a portfolio that matches your investment time horizon and risk for tolerance.

Professional Investment Management

Our investments are professionally managed by Mason Investment Advisory Service, Inc.  Your fund is pooled with our other funds to provide maximum return and lower fees for administration and professional investment management.

Maximum Tax Deduction

Donations to the Community Foundation of the Northern Shenandoah Valley, a public charity, receive the maximum tax benefit allowable by law. Review a comparison of community foundations vs. private foundations to see the benefits.

Grant Making Expertise

The Foundation continually assesses changing needs in our community so your gift will go where it is needed most. Our professional staff is available to assist donor-advisors by providing information to assist their grant-making decisions.

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