Women's Empowerment Fund


Organization: Front Royal Women’s Resource Center
Fund Type: 
Designated, Endowed
Location of Support: Warren

The Women’s Empowerment Fund was established by a generous donor to provide grants to women and girls through the Front Royal Women’s Resource Center’s Dare to Dream and Kim South Girl Grant Programs.

Dare to Dream

The Dare to Dream program was founded in 1999 by JoEllen McNeal. The purpose of the grant is to provide women living in Warren County, 18 year and older, opportunities to move forward with their lives whether it be to continue their education, start or expand their businesses, buy a computer or provide a specific service to the community, etc. The process involves putting out a call for grant applications throughout the community in the Fall/Winter for about a three month period.

Kim South Girl Grant

The Kim South Girl Grant was founded in 2006 by Mary Ellen South in memory of her daughter Kim South. This grant is given to young women in Warren County public middle schools. The purpose of this grant is to provide a “hand up” to young women who might not get recognition in traditional ways but can use validation of their self-worth through programs available to this age group. School personnel provide recommendations and applications. Recipients are notified in March and honored at our September luncheon held in their honor.