Charitable giving traditions are a big part of many peoples’ lives. The ways philanthropic values translate into action and behavior, however, vary widely from person to person. And that’s a good thing! When you align your charitable giving activities with your own personality and the ways you like to do good, you’ll enjoy it a lot more and as a result, you’ll be more likely to get even more involved with your favorite causes. 

Indeed, your choice of the causes you support may be based on personal experiences or even how you view your character. You may also find that philanthropy fosters personal growth and self-discovery. Some people find that getting involved in the community creates opportunities for networking and building relationships based on shared values and goals.

That’s why it’s important to acknowledge that not everyone likes to “do good” in exactly the same way. To figure out what mix of charitable activities might best suit your personality, consider reflecting on whether you tend toward an ”investor,” “connector” or “activator” profile.

Here’s what it might look like to be an “investor” type of philanthropist:

–You like to get involved in community activities where you can act independently, rather than scheduling dedicated time.

–You may feel that you often have more money than time.

–You’re happy to write a check or purchase a product that supports a cause.

If you tend toward the “connector” type, this may describe your preferences:

–You like community activities where you can collaborate with friends and family.

–You enjoy the opportunity to meet people who care about a variety of causes, not necessarily a specific charity. 

–You like attending charities’ fundraising events, and you might even regularly promote your favorite causes on social media.

If you’re an “activator” type, here’s what that could look like:

–Your philanthropic passion lies with one or two specific causes.

–You like the idea of playing a small part in “changing the world” and impacting a single issue that could potentially benefit society on a broad scale.  –You might enjoy serving on charities’ boards of directors.

Whatever your personality type, the community foundation can help! Whether it’s setting up a donor-advised fund to organize your giving, working with you and your advisors to establish a legacy bequest, or getting your family and friends involved in site visits to favorite charities, we’re here for you!

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